5 Unconventionally Fun Activities for Couples


Young love or old flames, keeping the spark alive can be challenging. Often times, couples find it difficult to refresh their relationships and sometimes may end up stagnant or bored but this is all part of being in a relationship- effort is required whether conscious or not. It is all part of the fun of being with someone and it is a constant journey of discovering what fits the both of you and ultimately, what excited the both of you.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s find out what are some exciting activities you can do with your SO to spice things up:

1. ATV Rides:

ATV rides somehow gives a good analogy about relationships- there are bumps ahead but with enough torque and determination, no hurdles can stop you. What better way to experience this analogy than with your significant other? It is not only adventurous but it allows the both of you some space to have a healthy and maybe even funny competition between each other!

2. Tandem Bike Rides

There is a lesson to be learnt with tandem bike rides- team work! No relationship can work unless both can agree on a single solution to a problem and you can learn this from tandem bikes. Not only do the both of you have to work in sync but you have to be aware of the movement of one another and complement each other for a smooth bike ride. Things get fun and things get interesting when the both of you get the hang of it- who knows, you might learn something new about your SO!

3. Tandem Bungee Jumping

It might appear that tandem bungee jumping is simply an extreme sport done by couples because it is less scary to jump in pairs but it is definitely more than that! Believe it or not, you can pick up a good lesson just by jumping together. It is a good example of a “you jump, I jump” situation- it shows your support for one another and no matter what the other decides to do in life, you will be there for them and hold them together. Even if you all, you fall together because there is no where better than to be together.

4. Rock Climbing

Unconventional, exhilarating and fun, rock climbing is one of the most popular physical activity among couples nowadays. It gives a great workout and can help you improve the way you support one another. You and your SO will find yourself in situations where encouragement for one another is required because sometimes, even couples lead different lives. It is important that your SO supports you from where they are and fully encourages you to do better and to work harder to achieve the top of your goal.

5. Stargazing

Not the most physical or vigorous of the lot but stargazing gives you and your SO an opportunity to delve deeper into your thoughts. It can help you two to expand your mind and talk about things beyond your everyday lives and reach further into your future or your past. It brings a calming effect between the two of you and it allows a peace of mind. You can find the both of you finding yourself between the constellations and there is nothing more romantic than the quiet darkness and the steady breath of your voices. Not everything needs to be exciting to be engaging- it can be as simple as admiring and understanding the vastness of the universe then realizing how it is a miracle that you found each other.

Life has its way with us and we find it difficult to comprehend what love truly is but never forget that the world is big and to be able to find your SO within the sea of people takes a little more than fate- it is magic. Don’t lose sight of who you are and who you are with- always find ways to remember why you are with them! Love requires effort and that is the only recipe you need to know.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image: by Gianni Dominici



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