CNY Eating Habits: Adjust Food Portions, Not Your Waistline


Chinese New Year is just around the corner and one of our main concerns during this season of eating is balancing our diet and our dress size. How do we keep our waistline without compromising these delicious snacks? Well, there is no secret to adjusting your food intake- it just takes a strategy to smarter eating. It is all about your food choices and your food portions. You don’t have to make any sacrifices but you can take a few moments to think before you eat.

Here is how you can have a wonderful celebratory dinner but still wear that bodycon dress:

1. Drink water before a meal

Many nutritionists have pointed out that sometimes dehydration can be mistaken for hunger. Sometimes, we may feel hungry but what it actually is is dehydration. Not only will a cup of water fill you up but it will allow your body some time to register if what it needed was water or actual food. Take a moment to remember and gulp a cup of water before you eat. This way will help you to eat a little less and give your body a good dose of hydration!

2. Pick your food

That giant spread of food sure looks good but do you actually want everything or are your eyes just incredibly hungry? Take a step back and reanalyze what you really want because a large spread can be overwhelming and cause you to feel an increased appetite and an increased attraction to food you may not even like. Be smart and pick the right foods!

3. Portion out your food

Referring to the point above, a good idea of how much you want of every kind of food is an ideal way for you to learn food portioning. Mentally prioritize your food and allow yourself the freedom to have more of what you love and less of what you like. That way, you don’t have to sacrifice your taste buds for your waistline! It really is a win-win situation.

4. Sneak in a workout

A workout doesn’t have to be extensive and in full workout gear! A workout can be as simple as 3 minute stretches and 10 squats but whatever it is, find sometime to slot in a quick exercise so your body doesn’t forget. At the same time, it keeps your mind conscious of your eating habits and will constantly remind you of what you want to achieve and maintain. Keep things simple but never allow yourself to forget!

Chinese New Year is a beautiful celebration of warm family gatherings and a season of bountiful pleasures but if your diet is something of your concern, don’t forget to keep these few things in mind. it may be a handful of things to constantly be aware of but trust me, it will be worth it. If this is what you want, you cannot hesitate to pursue it. It requires little to no effort, just a little consciousness.

Have a wonderful CNY!

Image: Helga Weber


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