Modern Women: Improved Aesthetics = Improved Life?


This modern society we live in, beauty standards are incredibly challenging to keep up. From plastic surgeries to working out at the gym, every woman is fighting to fight a battle within herself to be a better version of who she already is. But is this battle fought simply because she wants self-improvement or is this prior to pressure from social expectations on who she is supposed to be?

Body image has always been a central issue to most women be it consciously or subconsciously. We find ourselves unhappy with the way we look simply because our washboard abs are not photo-shopped and we work hard to achieve it. Yes, determination to achieve is great but is this fixation on our body image healthy or could it actually be detrimental to our emotional health? What about plastic surgery? Is it more accepted to surgically alter the way we look or to have a muffin top?

Can improved aesthetics- natural or otherwise- improve women’s way of life and emotional health? I would personally say that it could go both ways:

1. Yes: Improved health

If we are in the context of picking up a sport or joining a gym, there is all good and no bad in that. Looking good is a God given privilege and if you want to look good and if you are going to work hard for it then by all means- DO IT! Not only will it boost your overall mood but you are going to feel more empowered with your toned muscles!

2. Yes: Improved confidence

What many do not realize is that confidence is the root of many successes. It brings with it a positive psychological side effect that allows you the freedom of exploration. So, don’t hesitate to buy yourself a brand new outfit if it makes you feel good about yourself. Be proud of who you are and what you look like and flaunt your favorite assets!

3. No: Increased pressure

There is always two sides to a story in every situation. Sure, there is no harm in wanting to achieve physical nirvana but the fixation of looking good and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself is what makes it bad. Always remember to understand your body and what your body type is because some things are definitely not going to be attainable lest plastic surgery is involved. So, don’t dwell too much on the way you look but find happiness in what you have.

4. No: Increased need of plastic surgery

There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery neither is it wrong if you have done so or is thinking of doing one. However, the social acceptance of plastic surgery has made people feel the need to do so in order to look a certain way. Don’t be pressured by what society wants you to look like or what the media shows you is considered beautiful.

Beauty, as they say, is only skin deep and the problem with modern views on beauty is not what is imposed but how if affects women’s view on themselves. So, does it improve your life? Yes, to a certain extend it does but that is as far as I can say for you. Do you think it has improved your life in anyway more than the way you feel about yourself?

That’s something to think about.

Image: by Eddie Codel

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