Global Warming is a Global Warning


Global Warming is a Global Warning

Have you noticed the increased amount of strange weather news lately? From coldest winters to warmest summers and unexpected tornadoes, we find ourselves caught in a warp of strange and extreme natural phenomenon and the worst part is that we played a part in this dire consequence.

Global warming is not an isolated issue that victimizes several countries – no. Global warming is a GLOBAL issue and it affects us directly every single day. The increased need for sunblock prior to strong UV rays and the increased need for 24/7 air-conditioning are some of the products of global warming that we live with day by day sometimes ignorantly.

So, what can we do about global warming? Can we actually contribute to improve the situation? How can we begin? The answer is simple:

1. Start taking responsibility

We are at a point in time where global warming is not an unfamiliar problem. We all know it exists and we all know that it is looming upon us but what we all fail to do about this situation is to take full responsibility for it. Our daily actions and our daily needs are what brought us here – capitalism, globalisation and higher standards of living. There is no running from this but we can all start somewhere. Start by acknowledging that whatever you do contributes to the improvement of global warming – the simple act of switching off your lights, carpooling – they all matter. An increased awareness for green living and recycling is also a great way to start being more conscious about the environment.

There is only one important step to improving global warming and that begins with us. As long as we realize that this situation is not somebody else’s problem but everyone’s problem, we can begin to move forward and to be more environmentally aware of our actions. A small step and a small act can change a lot in the long run. 





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