Mom Knows Best: 7 Reasons Why Your Mom is Your BFF


Mom Knows Best: 7 Reasons Why Your Mom is Your BFF

It is no surprise that your mom should be your best friend; after all, she has known you for literally all your life. From the day you were a tiny seed in her belly to the day you spend her your first pay check, Mom has always been there to see you through every step of the way.

This Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at why the only best friend you ever need is and has been with you all along. Here are 7 reasons why your mom is your BFF:

  1. She is always there for you
    One thing we can be assured about our mothers is that they are always thinking about us. Whether we are near or far, she will always be there for us – no questions asked. If you need some quick advice, she’ll never put you on hold. If you need to pour your heart out on your latest heartbreak, she’ll be there to tell you what that person is missing out on.
  2. She is your best shopping buddy
    It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, moms will never pass an opportunity to shop with you. She treasures these moments as a chance to bond and she genuinely gives her two cents for your best interest. You know you can trust your momma on that!
  3. She supports you even if she doesn’t agree
    Your mom may know best about the decisions you make in life but sometimes we cannot help but to take charge of what we want instead of taking heed of their past experiences. But while she may not agree with our life choices, your mom will always support you tirelessly. If things don’t work out, she will not fail to accept us with open arms and get us back on our feet.
  4. She knows you crazy well
    Ever had a time in your life where your mom could read you like a book? Before you even utter a single word, she knows what you want. That’s pretty scary, isn’t it? But truth is, your mom is always paying attention to us whether we realize it or not and it’s not because she is paranoid but it’s because she cares a little too much about us.
  5. She doesn’t judge your mistakes
    We all have had that phase in our lives where we were once young and naïve. We have all made embarrassing mistakes and maybe even stepped into the wrong crowd but your mom will never judge us for them. Instead, she finds her way around making us feel better about them because well, she was once young and naïve too.
  6. She is your moral compass
    One of the most difficult things about growing up is knowing the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. We have all stumbled into a perplexing grey area but our mothers have always had a knack for helping us make the right choices. She taught you the importance of compassion and kindness – sometimes through words and other times by just being herself.
  7. She cares for you more than herself
    Mothers are said to be sacrificial creatures – willing to give up anything to see their children happy. I personally believe this to be true. If there is the last bite to your favourite cake and your mom haven’t had any, she would not hesitate to offer it to you. If she had her last dollar and you needed it, there will be no way she would not loan it to you. All she cares about is how happy her kids are.

There really is no measure to a mother’s love for us and if all of the above applies to you, you should count yourself very lucky. Tell your mom you love her and more importantly, tell her how happy she makes you because a mother’s true achievement is your happiness.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Image: by Hans Splinter

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