Don’t Procrastinate: How to Improve Your Daily Productivity


Don’t Procrastinate: How To Improve Your Daily Productivity

Ah, procrastination. Aren’t we all familiar with this good pal of ours. Procrastination is something we all can agree on that has caused us to lose a lot of time in our day simply because we didn’t “feel” like doing anything. It isn’t our proudest moment not doing anything productive but we find it difficult to counter it. As Bruno Mars puts it, some days we just don’t feel like doing anything! But while that may be true, when we do have a productive day, it instantaneously improves our efficiency and we find ourselves feeling more accomplished than ever.

Now, with the rise in technology, there is an app for everything – so no excuses!

Here are 4 of the simplest ways to increase your efficiency and productivity:

1. Do your most dreaded tasks first
Get whatever you dislike to do most like chores or phone calls done first so the rest of your tasks is left feeling more enjoyable. This helps motivate you to get things done quicker so you can look forward doing the things you like.

2. Use a to-do list
While you can go old skool and use a notebook, in our day and age of technology, there is an app for that too that not only ticks off your tasks but reminds you in the morning. You can use apps like SolCalendar and Todoist for your much needed to-do lists necessities. SolCalendar functions as a planner and offers a briefing in the morning like a personal assistant. There is a certain satisfaction in ticking to-do lists and these are great ways to keep your tasks in check.

3. Plan a brilliant breakfast
If you love breakfasts like I do, plan yourself something exciting to eat in the morning to motivate yourself to wake up that much earlier than usual. This not only helps in lifting your mood but a healthy breakfast is also beneficial for your all-day hunger pangs. You get hungry a lot slower and you will feel less sluggish at lunch time if you have had a wholesome meal. An energized you is a more productive you!

4. Organize with your co-workers
We know many people work in teams and communication can be difficult out of the office and the board room. We cannot just rely on WhatsApp group chats with all the information flooded by random chats. Try using applications like Trello or Evernote to increase each other’s productivity. It is always better to have someone accountable for your tasks and it is likelier that you get things done knowing people are watching you. This also helps keep track of things left to do and things done making communication smoother and faster.

With all these handy tips at hand, procrastination is no longer an excuse for you to not get things done. It’s time to speed up those tasks and make the best of your 24 hours. Time is precious and it is the only thing we have that we cannot gain back in a day. So spend it wisely and don’t forget to download these apps to make your life easier!

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