5 Effective Ways to Quit Smoking


5 Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of those habits that takes a strong will to quit. It is something everyone is aware is bad for you but continue anyway just because we can. We are all aware of its consequences but for some reason, the instant gratification is enough to keep everyone on board. For whatever reason you decide to kick the habit, kudos to you! But don’t forget that the journey is going to be a tough one but don’t worry, we are here equipped with the right tips to help you get through this.

Let’s explore these 5 effective tips to quit smoking:

1. Chew some gum
One of the few things associated with smoking is said to be oral fixation. Some people have higher needs and tendencies to keep their mouth or lips occupied and chewing gum could help keep your mind off the nicotine. Soon enough, you should be able to find yourself developing a new habit instead. Although chewing too much gum may not be good for your teeth but it certainly is better than smoking.

2. Exercise regularly
Another way some people find effective for them is by picking up a sport or exercising regularly. This new healthy lifestyle helps them to realize just how insignificant smoking is to them and develop new passions and new love. You will soon find that you have bigger goals and bigger dreams to achieve and smoking could be holding you back from getting there. If you want to run that 12 km marathon, you would train hard enough and would not let smoking get in the way of your steady, healthy breath. Go for the gold, we know you can do it!

3. Eat healthily
A lot of people don’t realize just how fundamental a healthy diet is. It dictates more than just our waistline but it also determines our mental and emotional health as well. What you eat is what you get and it is important to consider the food you are partaking. Switch your diet gradually to cleaner meals of more raw and pure foods and watch your body do its own thing in helping you kick the habit naturally!

4. Encouragement and accountability
Letting someone know that you are attempting to kick the habit helps you keep your promise better. It is also wonderful if someone is there to spur you on and watch over you to keep your goals aligned. Sure, some days you might find yourself swaying but having someone as your support system helps you stay focused on your achievements and be more aware of your own actions.

5. Will power. Strong, strong will power
Most things we do require a lot of will power and this is no exception. To kick a habit especially one as common as smoking is a tough feat but nothing is impossible if you truly want it to come to past. Dig deep and find that will power within you and remind yourself what sort of lifestyle you are choosing to begin and learn to rise from your past. Remind yourself that this isn’t supposed to be an easy journey but at the end of this dreadful run, you will find yourself renewed and accomplished. It will be worth it, I promise.

Smoking is a common habit that many people take for granted but the consequences are dire not just to your own body but for the people around you. If you are on your way or deciding to make a decision, I encourage you to keep going. While some people may laugh at you for being “uncool”, you will find that a great lesson in self-control and will power will greatly benefit you in every decision you make in the future. Nothing will be as difficult as kicking an addicting habit and if you can do that, what else can stop you?

Image: by Morgan

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