6 Reasons to Decrease Smartphones Usage to Protect Your Eyes and Health


6 Reasons to Decrease Smartphone Usage to Protect Your Eyes and Health

We live in times of rampant technologies – people glued to their smartphones and some would even claim it is their lifeline. Most of us cannot deny that we rely on our phones 24/7 and it is almost impossible to go to bed without first checking our e-mails or watching a video. How did we come to this lifestyle? Does it have any side effects? 

The cold hard truth to that question is yes. Yes, the effects are unfortunately negative to our health. While smartphones have posed a positive effect on our productivity and convenience in our daily routine, smartphones can be damaging our sight. 

Here are 6 reasons why decreasing your smartphone usage could protect your eyes:

1. Smartphones emit blue violet light

Why does it matter what light my smartphone emits? Well, blue violet light is the primary light emitting from smartphones and screens in general which can pose potential harm and damage to your eyesight in the long run. 

2. Using smartphones can cause eye strain

We may not notice this but sometimes when we are using our phones, we are actually holding it a lot closer than we normally would most objects. We are almost always straining our eyes to see small texts – it is a very subconscious, minute action but it does big damages if we overuse our smartphones.

3. Using smartphones before bed can alter sleep patterns

Because of its blue violet light emission, using your smartphone before bedtime is highly discouraged because of how it can subconsciously alter your sleeping patterns. The blue violet light decreases your melatonin causing you difficulty to fall asleep because it tricks your body into thinking it is still daylight.

4. Smartphones are said to cause headaches and shoulder tension

Most of the time when we are using our smartphones, our posture tend to deviate to a slouchy, head-hung-low position because it feels most comfortable. But in doing so, it causes our neck, and shoulders to tense up and in turn cause headaches. This is in no way a good posture for you and can cause other health hazards with time.

5. Using smartphones are linked to less blinking

If you noticed, if you are on the screen for a prolonged period of time, chances are you might have blinked a lot less than you should. This is because our eyes are so focused and fixated on the screen, it not only causes our eyes to strain but to reduce blinking in order to focus. This decreased blinking will in turn cause eye fatigue and dryness in your eyes – a general discomfort that is no fun to feel.

6. Prolonged smartphone usage can damage vision

Primarily because of the blue violet light emission, smartphones and other devices such as laptops, TV screens and tablets can cause damage to your vision with prolonged and extensive usage. According to opticians, overuse of smartphones may damage the back of your eye and pose a higher risk of macular degeneration, a major cause of blindness. 

While smartphones have become our way of life, we should always be aware of the damages it poses onto our health. We cannot deny it has benefited a big part of our life but it is important to give your eyes a break and look away once in a while. Don’t succumb to smartphone addiction – remind yourself that you can live without it – even just for a minute.

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