Good Sugar, Bad Sugar: What’s the Difference?


Good sugar, bad sugar: What’s the difference?

Eating any form of sugar have always been dubbed as bad for your health. For many reasons, people avoid the intake of sugar in excess and some even go so far as to avoid it at all cost but did you know that some sugar can be good for you? Everything in moderation as they say but also knowledge and awareness is important. 

So, what’s the difference between good and bad sugar and what can you do about it? Here’s how:


Good sugar is natural

Sugar found in fruits and vegetables are generally good for you when taken in moderation. They come bundled with a chock full of other nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals – enough to make it beneficial for your body. When looking for “good” sugars, look for them in food such as berries, bananas, carrots, bell peppers and 100% natural honey. You don’t have to deprive yourself of some sweetness in your life, you just need to know where to find it. 

Bad sugar is refined

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum is refined sugar most commonly found as simple carbohydrates such as sucrose, maltose and lactose. These forms of sugar are heavily processed and is usually found in your desserts, sweeteners and appears to be finer in grains. 

Find substitutes to your sugar

Sugar can be easily substituted in your everyday life. All it takes is a little conscious effort and awareness and you are good to go. Instead of taking a spoonful of sugar in your morning cuppa joe, replace it with Stevia or honey – you’ll be surprise to find that it gives a different aromatic experience to your morning routine. Other options include agave nectar or Splenda. If you need a sugary snack or a sweet breakfast cereal, try eating a piece of fruit instead. Not only will it help keep you fuller throughout the day, you will find yourself more energized, too!

Know what sugar to avoid

Now that we know what good and bad sugar looks like and how we can replace our sugar intakes, it is important to also know what you need to avoid at the grocery store. Sugar has a million names and it is interchangeable on food labels. Do take note of these commonly used names: corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, crystalline fructose, maltose, sucrose, lactose and glucose. These are names you should be wary of but while it can be difficult to cut out from your diet, you should take note of its sugar content for your own reference. 

Life isn’t sweet if you didn’t have a sprinkle of sugar in it. Don’t torture yourself and cut sugar from your diet (although that’s okay too!) but instead learn to educate yourself and find out just what sugar really is all about.

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