Stress Killer: Why You Need to Relax


Stress Killer: Why You Need to Relax

We live in an age of constant stress and hectic daily lifestyle that it has become something most people are immune to. We have reached a point where we are dealing with stress as a daily occurrence rather than a mood anomaly which if you think about it is very unhealthy to both our mind and body. Stress has been known to be one of the most common reasons we develop sickness and health issues as well as mental and emotional instability in our modern generation – a sad reality we all face. 

But instead of allowing stress to exist in our lives, let’s learn to relax and catch a breather not simply because it is necessary but also because we deserve it. Here are 4 reasons why relaxing should be practiced regularly:

1. Relaxing helps you to be more productive

A clear and fresh mind is the ingredient to a happy soul and body. Not only are you rejuvenating yourself to battle life’s challenges again but you are allowing your body to rest. We need to stop viewing relaxing as something a lazy person would do because the only way we can stay productive is to give yourself a break. A relaxed mind is also said to be more creative and more energized to spark new ideas and new perspective. Can you imagine an overworked machinery? Yup, you don’t want to have a burnout, do you?

2. Relaxing helps keep sickness at bay

A well-rested body is less susceptible to falling sick and succumbing to illnesses because the body is recharged and ready to fight whereas a tired body has a lower immune system. Stress contributes to a lot of issues in our body than we realize; so, in order to keep a clean bill of health, always remember to take some time off for yourself.

3. Relaxing helps you to be happier

Relaxing doesn’t always have to mean going off on a long vacation but instead you can unwind a couple of hours before bedtime doing things you love or simply taking a day off to do whatever pleases you. These small acts and bursts of happiness can greatly increase your mood, decreasing your risk of depression and self-loathing. Keeping yourself happy should be a given, so always remember to put yourself first.

4. Relaxing helps you to be present

Being present and in the moment is a struggle we all face especially in our technologically driven generation. When we say stress it doesn’t necessarily stem from physical work stress but also self-comparison and self-esteem issues. These are arising problems from immediate accessibility to social media where perfection seems rampant. Remind yourself to relax and take deep breaths when that happens to keep yourself in the present moment – knowing that whatever you have around you is enough and is good. 

Stress is like running a treadmill – it makes you tired but it doesn’t take you anywhere – it is basically a pointless worry you are carrying around with you daily that only weighs you down more and more. Instead, learn to take the burden off your shoulders once in a while and let your hair down to feel the breeze.

Image: by Mike Hoff

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