Don’t Procrastinate: How to Improve Your Daily Productivity

Don’t Procrastinate: How To Improve Your Daily Productivity

Ah, procrastination. Aren’t we all familiar with this good pal of ours. Procrastination is something we all can agree on that has caused us to lose a lot of time in our day simply because we didn’t “feel” like doing anything. It isn’t our proudest moment not doing anything productive but we find it difficult to counter it. As Bruno Mars puts it, some days we just don’t feel like doing anything! But while that may be true, when we do have a productive day, it instantaneously improves our efficiency and we find ourselves feeling more accomplished than ever.

Now, with the rise in technology, there is an app for everything – so no excuses!

Here are 4 of the simplest ways to increase your efficiency and productivity:

1. Do your most dreaded tasks first
Get whatever you dislike to do most like chores or phone calls done first so the rest of your tasks is left feeling more enjoyable. This helps motivate you to get things done quicker so you can look forward doing the things you like.

2. Use a to-do list
While you can go old skool and use a notebook, in our day and age of technology, there is an app for that too that not only ticks off your tasks but reminds you in the morning. You can use apps like SolCalendar and Todoist for your much needed to-do lists necessities. SolCalendar functions as a planner and offers a briefing in the morning like a personal assistant. There is a certain satisfaction in ticking to-do lists and these are great ways to keep your tasks in check.

3. Plan a brilliant breakfast
If you love breakfasts like I do, plan yourself something exciting to eat in the morning to motivate yourself to wake up that much earlier than usual. This not only helps in lifting your mood but a healthy breakfast is also beneficial for your all-day hunger pangs. You get hungry a lot slower and you will feel less sluggish at lunch time if you have had a wholesome meal. An energized you is a more productive you!

4. Organize with your co-workers
We know many people work in teams and communication can be difficult out of the office and the board room. We cannot just rely on WhatsApp group chats with all the information flooded by random chats. Try using applications like Trello or Evernote to increase each other’s productivity. It is always better to have someone accountable for your tasks and it is likelier that you get things done knowing people are watching you. This also helps keep track of things left to do and things done making communication smoother and faster.

With all these handy tips at hand, procrastination is no longer an excuse for you to not get things done. It’s time to speed up those tasks and make the best of your 24 hours. Time is precious and it is the only thing we have that we cannot gain back in a day. So spend it wisely and don’t forget to download these apps to make your life easier!

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Positive Vibes, Positive Mind: 5 Ways to Maintain Positivity

Positive Vibes, Positive Mind: 5 Ways to Maintain Positivity

Living in Malaysia, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain in a state of positivity and calmness. Everyday we find ourselves caught in heavy traffic that eats up half of our lifetime and more often than not we encounter rude and impatient people. These factors don’t contribute in aiding our journey to a stable and healthy mental state but instead it reinstates how difficult it is for us to find inner peace and inner joy.

However, while environmental factors are going against our mantra, it is not an impossible task. Not only will it strengthen your ability to withstand stress and pressure but positive vibes emanates and is almost always contagious.

Here are 5 things you can practice to maintain an everyday positivity:

1. Meditate for 10 minutes everyday
While meditation may sound intimidating or has a stigma attached to it for being religious, think again. Meditation does not have to be about chants but it is instead a practice of quieting one’s mind and being in stillness. It helps you to find your balance in life and to reflect and be aware of the present moment – something many of us city-dwellers fail to do. It is a great way to begin your day and it will only take 5-10 minutes of your time. All you need to do is close your eyes, relax and breathe!

2. Eat healthily
Diet fads and juice cleanses may seem enticing to a healthier body but what works for one may not work for another. Find your balance to a healthy diet that your body is happy with and always remember to eat food that is not processed or heavily greased up like a weightlifting champion. Food made pure is always energizing to the body and balances your stress hormones. So, eat right and eat well to a better and healthier you.

3. Surround yourself with positive vibes
Who you surround yourself with plays a huge role in the way you think. If you surround yourself with negative people, it is only likely that you become depressed and upset too. Positivity is contagious and people enjoy the company of those who have a brighter outlook in life. Be that person who sees the grass as greener on their side and find people who share the same understanding as you are.

4. Read books about philosophy
We can learn a thing or two about life and happiness from philosophers and if Socrates is not your cuppa tea, try modern philosophers who touch on topics about things that are more relatable. Draw your inspirations from them and pick up your favorite quote and remind yourself everyday. We recommend reading Michael Folley’s The Age of Absurdity: Why Modern Life Makes it Hard to Be Happy.

5. Breathe right
To remain that calm and positive disposition comes from the basic fundamentals of breathing right. Take deep breaths and long exhales and find your muscles relaxing. It doesn’t take any effort (you gotta breathe, right?) and it is obviously free so, why not do it just a little bit more consciously and find yourself feeling a little livelier and happier.

Don’t limit yourself to be cornered by our environment to be unhappy about life but instead find joy in your present moment and learn to counter it with some easy techniques to a healthier and happier you. Positivity is not a given personality but it is a choice everyone should make for themselves.

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How to Gain Confidence in 5 Simple Steps

How to Gain Confidence in 5 Simple Steps

I know of many people who struggle to see themselves as someone capable of achieving something. I also know of people who think they cannot achieve it before they even begin. But the problem with them is not their physical inability to strive but their inability to believe in themselves. Confidence is not just that stride in your walk or the volume of your voice but confidence is within you – it allows you to believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Many people wonder how some people become confident. Is it their personality? Are they born with it? While some people are fortunate enough to be a natural at something, some people need to realize that all things are achievable as long as they try. Confidence can be gained and earned and you can do that by following these 5 simple steps:

1. Just do it

This line may seem like a cliched tagline but Nike has a point when they chose this as their motto. Sometimes, all you need to do to gain confidence is to start somewhere and just do it. You will never know how far or how well you can do something lest you try and press on. Before you become intimidated with the task, tell yourself you can do it and give it a go! You will never find out if you hid behind your shell and constantly told yourself it is impossible. Don’t limit yourself – you will be surprised!

2. Ask someone for their opinion

If you need to boost your self-confidence in any areas of your life, ask someone you can trust for their opinion. Find someone you know who genuinely wants the best for you and wants you to improve and find out where you stand. From there, learn from their feedback and constantly improve yourself. It is always great and also important to have a support system whom you can rely on – they help keep your focus and perspective in check.

3. Stay consistent & practice

Sometimes the only way for us to get better at something and to be confident about it is to allow ourselves time to grow. Keep doing it and consistently improve at it and I am certain you will see results that you cannot ignore. You will find yourself getting better at it and you will soon realize that confidence can be honed in the process of learning. Don’t give up just because you couldn’t do it the first time but if you are passionate about it, just keep at it until you make it!

4. Understand your fear not flee from it

For whatever it is that you are not confident about, assess the issue before you tackle the problem. Is it the task at hand that intimidates you or are you stopping yourself from experiencing a wonderful opportunity? Find out which one it is and understand what your are afraid of. If failure is your biggest fear, remember that you only fail if you don’t try and if you tried and you didn’t succeed, it is a lesson. Gain your confidence through your lessons and always remind yourself that limits are only set by you. Don’t run at the first sign of danger but face it head on – the results will greatly validate your own worth.

5. Believe in yourself even if no one does

This is something really tricky to master but it is more skillful than it is personality. Remember that sometimes you may not always have the encouragement you wish to receive from the people around you and some people will always try to bring you down but so long as you trust yourself, you have already opened the door to your own path. Be confident that your decisions are the right one and believe that whatever comes your way, you are able to conquer it.

Confidence is something everyone can achieve and it isn’t a personality type or a special gift given to some. If you struggle with believing in your own abilities, stop. Stop doubting yourself and start giving yourself the credit you deserve. Anything can be done if you work hard enough on it and push yourself further. Remember to never limit yourself and watch how far you can go.

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Mom Knows Best: 7 Reasons Why Your Mom is Your BFF

Mom Knows Best: 7 Reasons Why Your Mom is Your BFF

It is no surprise that your mom should be your best friend; after all, she has known you for literally all your life. From the day you were a tiny seed in her belly to the day you spend her your first pay check, Mom has always been there to see you through every step of the way.

This Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at why the only best friend you ever need is and has been with you all along. Here are 7 reasons why your mom is your BFF:

  1. She is always there for you
    One thing we can be assured about our mothers is that they are always thinking about us. Whether we are near or far, she will always be there for us – no questions asked. If you need some quick advice, she’ll never put you on hold. If you need to pour your heart out on your latest heartbreak, she’ll be there to tell you what that person is missing out on.
  2. She is your best shopping buddy
    It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, moms will never pass an opportunity to shop with you. She treasures these moments as a chance to bond and she genuinely gives her two cents for your best interest. You know you can trust your momma on that!
  3. She supports you even if she doesn’t agree
    Your mom may know best about the decisions you make in life but sometimes we cannot help but to take charge of what we want instead of taking heed of their past experiences. But while she may not agree with our life choices, your mom will always support you tirelessly. If things don’t work out, she will not fail to accept us with open arms and get us back on our feet.
  4. She knows you crazy well
    Ever had a time in your life where your mom could read you like a book? Before you even utter a single word, she knows what you want. That’s pretty scary, isn’t it? But truth is, your mom is always paying attention to us whether we realize it or not and it’s not because she is paranoid but it’s because she cares a little too much about us.
  5. She doesn’t judge your mistakes
    We all have had that phase in our lives where we were once young and naïve. We have all made embarrassing mistakes and maybe even stepped into the wrong crowd but your mom will never judge us for them. Instead, she finds her way around making us feel better about them because well, she was once young and naïve too.
  6. She is your moral compass
    One of the most difficult things about growing up is knowing the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. We have all stumbled into a perplexing grey area but our mothers have always had a knack for helping us make the right choices. She taught you the importance of compassion and kindness – sometimes through words and other times by just being herself.
  7. She cares for you more than herself
    Mothers are said to be sacrificial creatures – willing to give up anything to see their children happy. I personally believe this to be true. If there is the last bite to your favourite cake and your mom haven’t had any, she would not hesitate to offer it to you. If she had her last dollar and you needed it, there will be no way she would not loan it to you. All she cares about is how happy her kids are.

There really is no measure to a mother’s love for us and if all of the above applies to you, you should count yourself very lucky. Tell your mom you love her and more importantly, tell her how happy she makes you because a mother’s true achievement is your happiness.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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Global Warming is a Global Warning

Global Warming is a Global Warning

Have you noticed the increased amount of strange weather news lately? From coldest winters to warmest summers and unexpected tornadoes, we find ourselves caught in a warp of strange and extreme natural phenomenon and the worst part is that we played a part in this dire consequence.

Global warming is not an isolated issue that victimizes several countries – no. Global warming is a GLOBAL issue and it affects us directly every single day. The increased need for sunblock prior to strong UV rays and the increased need for 24/7 air-conditioning are some of the products of global warming that we live with day by day sometimes ignorantly.

So, what can we do about global warming? Can we actually contribute to improve the situation? How can we begin? The answer is simple:

1. Start taking responsibility

We are at a point in time where global warming is not an unfamiliar problem. We all know it exists and we all know that it is looming upon us but what we all fail to do about this situation is to take full responsibility for it. Our daily actions and our daily needs are what brought us here – capitalism, globalisation and higher standards of living. There is no running from this but we can all start somewhere. Start by acknowledging that whatever you do contributes to the improvement of global warming – the simple act of switching off your lights, carpooling – they all matter. An increased awareness for green living and recycling is also a great way to start being more conscious about the environment.

There is only one important step to improving global warming and that begins with us. As long as we realize that this situation is not somebody else’s problem but everyone’s problem, we can begin to move forward and to be more environmentally aware of our actions. A small step and a small act can change a lot in the long run.